Super Easy-Yummy Chicken tacos


Normally I post recipes for baby/toddler food but tonight I’m posting a recipe for the whole family. I thought this meal turned out amazingly delicious and it was very easy and quick.
I will tell you right now… I’m no chef. Not even close. I do like to cook when I have time but now with 2 kids (Our little Miya was born 6 weeks ago!) I can forget about taking time to cook. You will regularly find me heating up a frozen pizza or defrosting a frozen meal for dinner before the man comes home. That’s why I’m so proud of this meal! It was easy AND fresh – as in, I made it without opening a package! (The frozen corn package doesn’t count, people.)
This recipe is for all you mom’s and dad’s that need to whip something up quick. Oh, and something you should know about my cooking style is that I dislike measuring. I think eyeballing and taste testing are good enough so I’m sorry if you happen to be one of those people that needs exact measurements. But honestly, for this recipe, it’s all about getting the flavor you like- its kind of fool proof. Yeah!
Here goes:

2 large tomatoes cubed
Half onion cubed
3/4 cup frozen corn
1 large clove garlic minced (or just throw in some garlic powder!)
Half packet of taco seasoning (or throw in some oregano, Chile powder, cumin, salt).
3 small chicken breasts sliced into strips.
Salt and pepper to taste
Cooking oil
Toppings: cheese, Lettuce, Sour Cream, salsa

Get out 2 pans. One for the sauce and one for the chicken.

Heat oil in both pans.

Throw the tomato, onion, frozen corn, garlic in one pan and let cook on medium heat. Stir in 1/4 package of taco seasoning. Let cook until everything is pretty soft. I’d say about 8 to 10 minutes. Reduce heat to low just enough to keep it heated.


Cook chicken on medium high heat and sprinkle with salt. Don’t over cook. When chicken is throughly cooked set on a cutting board to cool. When cool enough, chop into small bits.


Add chopped chicken into sauce. Add the other 1/4 packet taco seasoning. Stir and let cook for another 2 minutes until everything is mixed well.


Spoon chicken mixture onto hot flour tortillas and top with cheese, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream. Yummmmm!

See?! It’s a half-assed meal (just like my half-assed photos) and it tastes awesome.

What do think?
Cheers xox,
Mum n Bub


10 tips: Getting your kids to eat healthy.


I wish I could say that my son is a naturally healthy eater but I can’t. He seems to have been born with his father’s sweet tooth. Which, to be honest, is quite frustrating for me since I happened to be one of the rare freaky children that would eat a whole head of steamed broccoli on its own for lunch. You could find me on a regular basis sneaking into the neighbor’s garden to steal a cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes.
So, with that being said I have had to find creative ways to get my son to eat his greens and some days just getting him to EAT in general. He is actually quite good at eating his fruit- as long as his fruit is strawberries, grapes, or oranges.
Alright, let’s get down to the sneaky tricks to get your child to consume anything other then snacky crackers and juice!

1. Cut food into interesting shapes. I cut strawberries horizontally so that they look like donuts. Your little one can put his finger in the hole and it makes it more fun. I also cut sandwiches into triangles or use a star cookie cutter. It helps teach your child about shapes too!

2. Give your child a fork (kids fork). I think kids find eating more fun and also makes them feel more like mom and dad when they use a fork. I like to show Bub how to stab the food and make some kind of stabbing noise to help it look really amazing 😉

3. Add a little sweet. I’ve tried so hard to get Bub to eat what I want him to eat and at some point I just had to realize I needed to make a compromise. So I decided as long as I can get him to eat the main healthy part of the meal then it’s ok to add a little something else in order to get him to eat it. For example: I want him to eat oatmeal in the morning. He won’t eat if it isn’t sweet enough. So I have started adding more honey to it. Some days I will even add a few chocolate chips to it. I also do this when we have a batch of strawberries that are a bit sour. I will drizzle some honey over them and then he eats them right up. Honey has become a staple in our home!

4. Dip! Dip! Dip!
I don’t even think Bub will eat anything these days without being able to do dip into something. I can get him to eat broccoli and carrots as long as he can dip them in Ranch dressing. Yes…sigh… Ranch. But hey, if he’s eating broccoli…whatevs!
I also have tried veggie dip and he likes that too. Honey is a good dip for fruit. I can even get him to eat his wheat quesadilla by dipping it in mild salsa. You could get creative with different things for dip such as Greek yogurt, jam, peanut butter, Apple sauce, etc.

5. Don’t let your little one eat snacks. I’m totally guilty of this one. Snacks are my go-to when we are out and about (it keeps him quiet!). But yeah, the snacks are a big reason why kids don’t eat their meals. They get full off of the little things they are eating and drinking (juice is also a snack). Your little one is way more likely to eat what’s in front of her when she’s actually hungry!

6. Explain what they are eating. I’ve found that if I talk about the food and exaggerate it’s amazingness he’s more likely to eat it. I will tell him how sweet and juicy the grapes are and show him as I bite down on them. Or how crunchy and yummy the rice cracker with almond butter is. 

7. Try eating in a different environment. I was shocked one evening when we had dinner at a friend’s house. Her son and my son ate side by side. Bub does NOT eat asparagus. But that night he did! He saw his buddy eating it so he followed suit and seemed to really enjoy it! I was stunned. So now I try to find fun places we can eat. Picnics outside, at the outdoor Cafe, at the park, at a friend’s house, or even moving the highchair to a different location in the house.

8. Keep trying. If you introduce a new food don’t expect baby to like it right away. Keep introducing it. Maybe try preparing it in different ways too. I found that Bub will not touch cooked carrots no matter what. But raw carrots are a different story. He’ll eat raw carrots dipped in Ranch dressing (of course!). Oh, and he won’t eat peas unless they are FROZEN!
Note: if you give your child raw carrots make sure to cut them tiny and to supervise while they eat as these can be a choking hazard. And remind them to chew, chew, chew!

9. Make it fun! Let your little one discover the fridge on their own. Let them point to things that they might want to try. You will be surprised what your little one likes. I was surprised that Bub LOVES dates, pickles, black olives, and, oddly enough, lemon!

10. Be creative but don’t make yourself crazy. I sometimes drive myself crazy trying to find new recipes for Bub. I spend so much time making new food only to have it rejected, and sadly, wasted. So instead of using so much energy inventing new meals I stick to the basics of what he likes. Keep it easy. Kids don’t eat so much any way. A bit of chicken, a few grapes, a little cubed cheese… voila! That’s lunch. He can eat it everyday. As long as he’s eating, I’m happy.  Don’t reinvent the wheel. I now use my creativity at the grocery store. I pick out a couple interesting food items he might enjoy like fig butter, rice crackers with seaweed, sunflower seeds, banana chips, etc.

Oh, and one last thing… Make sure to set a good example. You should be eating the food that you want your child to eat. And make sure that you eat with your child. This encourages good eating habits for both of you 🙂

Well, hopefully these 10 tips can help you and your Bub eat healthily and happily. Every day is different and some are better then others. If your Bub isn’t eating everything on his/her plate or isn’t even eating half of it don’t stress. Tomorrow or even next week will be a new and better story.
Feel free to let me know your tricks! I can always use them!
Mum n Bub


Let’s stop the Harrassment and Bullying towards Women and their Birth Plan Choice.

OK, so I will admit this post is going to be somewhat of a rant. But this is a serious topic that I think more women should talk about and begin to address. I’m talking about the bullying and harassment that women encounter when they make a birth plan choice. These days women can choose to have a C-section or have a natural (vaginal) birth. We also have the choice of whether or not to use pain relief (most common- epidural). In addition to this we can also decide if we would like to be induced (Pitocin, break water, etc. to get labor going/progressing). Of course, these are not always choices and are sometimes medically necessary to ensure the safety of mother and/or baby, but let’s just pretend in this example (for discussion purposes) that all these things are free choice. That’s a lot of decision making, right!? And there are so many things to consider when choosing between these options like what is safest/healthiest for baby, what is easiest for mom, what is least painful for mom, what is the least/most risky, etcetera, etcetera.
How do we make such important decisions? We listen to our Doctors, friends, mid-wives, husband/partner, family, research/read books to make the most informed and best decision for ourselves and the baby. This is a good thing…no, a GREAT thing. It is truly amazing that woman can have the choice and freedom to choose how we bring our children into this world and feel confident that there are people to help support those decisions.
As many of us are aware, the normal birth setting has become a trip to the hospital, lay in a bed, get your epidural, and then either go under the knife for a cesarean section, or try to push the baby out vaginally. The other option (which used to be the ONLY option) is to go through labor without the use of any pain killers or drugs and let nature run its course until your baby has been pushed out into the world. This second option is commonly labeled “Natural Birth.”
What is so fascinating to me is how neither one of these options is acceptable. Women who choose to have a C-Section or “GASP!” a scheduled C-section are thought to be selfish, weak, incapable, can’t handle pain, vain, unspiritual. Women who decide to have a natural vaginal birth without the use of drugs are thought to be stubborn, anti western medicine, rebellious, “tree huggers”, “granola crunchers”, risky, uninformed, unsafe. What is even more fascinating is that this is what women have done to ourselves. The constant judging and accusing each other and ourselves of being less of a woman because of how we decided to bring our baby into this world. It really needs to stop.
I will admit that I tend to favor natural birth and natural processes in general. My reasoning for this is because I trust nature and I do wish that women were given more credit for what our bodies are capable of. I do feel that the medical field has found many ways to intervene in the birthing process which has really weakened women’s self confidence. This does not in any way mean that I believe a woman who makes an informed decision that she wants to have a less painful or less physically stressful childbirth is any less of a woman. I feel that as long as the best decision is being made for both mother and baby then that is all that should really matter. Our single goal should be to have healthy and happy mother’s and babies.
Now, I will tell you where my realization of this “bullying and harassment” topic came about. As of today I am 38 weeks pregnant. My most recent prenatal appointment ended with a comment that I just couldn’t shrug off. I am a Kaiser Permanente member and if you are not familiar with this insurance company then you will need to know that they are a ginormous company that only offers care within there own hospitals and facilities. Kaiser works in the way that every patient is to be seen by both an OBGYN and a midwife throughout their prenatal care but Midwives are to be the main care providers for their pregnant patients unless the patient has requested to only be seen by an OBGYN. If you know a little about midwives then you know that they tend to be less interested in drugs and favor less intervention between mother and knife. I thought this was pretty cool. Until I was flabbergasted by the comment of the midwife I have been seeing for months now made. For starters, I have not been thrilled with this midwife from the beginning. She has an accent that is very hard to understand, after my fifth visit with her she asked if we had yet met (!!??), and on one appointment she had told me I was low on iron but to not take supplements and to only eat foods high in iron, then the next visit asked me why I am not taking iron supplements in a scolding tone, she also advised me not to do or try ANYTHING when I asked her what can help strengthen my uterus to prepare for birth, and she said absolutely do not drink the raspberry leaf tea that I had told her I was drinking. So, with all that being said, I decided to stick with her because she seems to be a sweet person. And besides, at Kaiser they do not have assigned midwives. Whoever is on call when you go into labor is who will deliver your baby. I am one day away from calling Kaiser and requesting that this woman not be allowed near me when I go into labor and here is why:
On my last prenatal visit this midwife asked me if I had decided if I wanted to have an epidural or not. I told her that I want to try to go as long as I can without any pain relief but I am not completely opposed to having an epidural if I feel that it is an especially hard, long and painful labor. She informed me that there are other drugs besides the epidural that they can give me for pain relief. I thanked her for letting me know and said that I would like to try without using them but again not opposed to using drugs if I felt the need later on. She asked me why I don’t want to use the pain relievers. I explained to her that from what I have researched (and also what it clearly explained/warned in the actual Kaiser literature that they gave me!) using pain relievers and especially the epidural slows down the natural birthing process and sometimes makes it so that a woman cannot fully dilate. I really don’t want that. My goal is to have a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean section). My first birth of my son was a C-section after an attempted natural birth at a birthing center. After 30 hours of drug free labor and stuck at 8cm the midwife had me transferred to a hospital where I gladly took the Epidural. Another 4 hours later of Pitocin and no progress I decided it was best to go ahead with the C-section. I hated the way the epidural made me feel. Or should I say NOT feel. Yes, having no pain was nice, but it also made me feel completely vulnerable and unable to control my own body because I was physically paralyzed from the waste down. I had a difficult recovery with the C-section and am hoping that this second birth can be done vaginally for a quicker and less painful recovery.
So, when this midwife says to me “You know, you don’t need to feel like you need to IMPRESS anyone by not having the epidural” It really ticked me off, to say the least. I was actually shocked that she said it because I just assumed that she would be supportive of my decision not only because she is a midwife but because she is a woman. I didn’t know how to respond at the moment so I just said “I know that.” Later as I was driving home it started to eat at me. Who would I be trying to IMPRESS? Why would she think that my reason for not wanting drugs would be to prove a point? Why didn’t she listen to me when I clearly said that my reason was for the hope of not having a C-section? Why does she feel that pain is something to IMPRESS people with? Did she not care that I had a painful recovery with the first birth? Did she even KNOW that the Epidural slows down the contractions? Does she know this could lead to induction which could then lead to uterine rupture which is dangerous for both me and baby? (I’m sure she does know all this but her comment was so ridiculous and out of line that it really does make me question her educational background and credentials). What if I did want to IMPRESS myself or someone else, was it really her business or place to judge? Is that comment in anyway necessary or helpful? Why do I feel embarrassed of my decision? Why do I feel belittled and offended? Why do I feel as if I’m being a rebel and not conforming? Why is it wrong for me to want my body to ‘feel’? Why am I being BULLIED into having an Epidural?
These are only a few of the questions that are still floating through my head.
After going through the first birth of my son and now this process of my second I can tell you I have seen the good and the bad on both teams. The C-section/Drug team VS. the Natural/Drug-free team. Both teams can be just as ugly and just as unsupportive and destructive to the female psyche as the other. So far, I’m truly disappointed in the way I personally have been treated in both births and birth planning and can only hope that as time moves forward and we become more educated that we will start to treat women better regarding birth. Women should support each other and encourage each other to have a birth the way they wish. Pain should not be an issue of ego. Pain is an issue of safety and comfort. Since when did childbirth become a debate of “To feel or Not to Feel?” and why does pain measure how much of a woman you are?
I always say, “Everything happens for a reason.” I do feel that I have grown and learned from this and my past experiences and hope that just by writing this and opening up about how I feel that it might possibly help you too. Maybe you will stop judging other women or maybe you can help another woman stop judging you and other women.
My last words are: Lets please stop judging. Lets just do what we were meant to do. Grow babies. Have babies.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions as you wish. This is an open discussion for all women to feel comfortable without being bullied or harassed so please keep it calm.
Thank you for reading and sharing.
Anna (aka: Mum)

Baby heirlooms: Easy way to polish your silver!


I haven’t posted in way too long but due to my pregnancy insomnia I thought I would finally hop on the blog Wagon. Plus, I just needed to share how easy polishing silver can be! Never thought I’d be one to polish silver, nonetheless own any silver, but we acquired this beautiful little set of spoon, fork, and cup with Bub’s initials on it from his grandparents. It was embarrassingly tarnished!
Ok, here is what you do:
1) put 1 liter of water in a sauce pan
2) put a piece of aluminum foil in with water.
3) add a tablespoon of baking soda.
4) boil it.
5) carefully drop in your tarnished silver using tongs.
6) let silver sit for about 20 seconds or so. Flip with tongs if needed.
7) take out of water. Let cool.
8) if there are still tarnish marks mix some baking soda with a little water to make a thick paste and then rub away spots using a rag and the paste.
9) rinse and dry! Voila! Shiny and looking new 🙂

Fyi: this recipe is for small items that will fit into a medium sauce pan.

(I found this recipe on the web HERE))

Happy polishing!

The easiest toddler breakfast: French Toast

I don’t know if anyone even noticed that I was gone for 5 months… but I’m back! I was gone because I decided to go back to work. You know…one of those places that actually PAYS you to work. My mother in law flew in from France and stayed for a little over 3 months to help take care of Bub. Then my mom stayed for almost 2 months. It was a nice little change to be able to interact with people again and especially nice to bring home some “bread” for once. But then it all came crashing down when the moms were gone. The plan was to put Bub in preschool but I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on child care. I was hardly making what we would be paying. And, to be honest, mum’n’bub missed each other terribly!
So, back at home I am.
One thing I did learn was how to cook a fast breakfast for Bub before heading to work. I discovered that one of the easiest and tastiest foods is French Toast! I had never even made it before. My mom suggested it and told me all I needed to do was mix one egg with milk, soak the bread in it, then put it on a pan. So I did just that, plus added cinnamon. Easy peasy!
Now it’s your turn. I think your little one is going to LOVE it. Mine does, and I do too.

This post is for all you mamas who have never made French toast. Once you do it you will now do it all the time because it really is easy.

1 egg
Slice of bread (wheat bread to make it healthy)
Cinnamon (oh, and I added nutmeg to be fancy)
Butter or coconut oil for cooking

Use a square Tupperware container or any low, shallow bowl that a slice of bread will fit into. Crack an egg into the dish.
Pour an equal amount of milk into the dish (just eyeball it- seriously you can’t mess up!)
Whisk it together.
Shake in some cinnamon.
Heat up a pan on medium heat and add some butter or coconut oil.
Take a slice of bread and plop it into the egg mixture. (If you have a denser bread let it soak a little longer so it absorbs into the bread.)
Flip it over.
Put the wet bread onto your heated pan and let sit for a few minutes. I let it cook until the bottom looks nice and brown. Don’t burn it.
Flip it over and let cook.
Put it on a plate, butter it, drizzle with agave nectar or maple syrup, cut into cubes.
I usually put it in the fridge for 2 minutes before serving just to make sure it’s not too hot for Bub.
Now let your babe enjoy!






Hopefully I have encouraged some of you to try making french toast. Did you try this recipe? Isn’t it easy?! Let me know what you think about it.
Love, mum n Bub

Kitchen Tip: Quick clean sippy cup

Now that Bub is drinking his milk from the sippy cup I find myself having to wash sippy cups around 5 times a day it seems. I was washing the sippy cups by hand directly after being used or loading them in the dishwasher. The problem with the dishwasher is that they sit in there for a while waiting for it to fill and I need sippy cups STAT! So, here is the secret… leave out a bowl of hot soapy water and just let the sippy cup sit in there to disinfect. When you are ready to use it again just rinse off with hot water. This quick tip is probably one of the most obvious and easiest thing to do but I bet half you moms out there aren’t doing this. It will save you time!
Oh, and another great thing I found is to use non scented dish soap. I love the Seventh Generation brand. Baby won’t consume any harsh chemicals or that yucky soap taste. Woohoo!


Leftover Rice Pudding (healthy version!)

The universe was conspiring in my favor as I was sleeping last night.
I woke in a panic at 6am as I remembered that I left out a sippy cup full of milk. I can’t stand wasting food. It’s sort of the one thing I’m OCD about. So, instead of sleeping and savoring every last minute of laying in a cozy bed before Bub wakes up I was awake thinking of ways to save the milk I left out. The only way to rescue milk is to boil it. “What the heck can you make with boiled milk?” I thought to myself. Just so happens, yesterday I made fish and rice for dinner and have a ton of left over rice. Milk plus rice….rice pudding!!! One of my favorite desserts and something I would love to have Bub taste.
See? The universe WAS conspiring in my favor!
Like usual, if this rice pudding is gonna be for Bub then it’s gotta be the healthy version. The rice I used was leftover brown Basmati rice- healthy. But I must say it would have tasted better using regular brown rice or white rice because basmati is firmer and more grainy. Still tasted good but if you want a less chewy rice then don’t use basmati.
The milk that I had left out over night was half whole cow’s milk and half soy milk. You can use any kind of milk you like.
I decided rather then sugar I would use agave nectar. I ignored the usual salt and vanilla flavoring all together because I just didn’t see it being necessary. Normally I wouldn’t add raisins and I actually had to convince myself to put them in but raisins won my heart when I realized they would add extra natural sweetness.
For being the healthy version the end result is quite tastey, I must say!
This is the perfect recipe for leftover cooked rice that you can’t figure out what to do with. OR for rescuing slightly spoiled milk like in my case.

Milk ‘n’ Rice Pudding for Baby

Ingredients: (makes enough for 2 adult servings)
1 1/2 cups cooked rice
1 1/2 cups milk (any kind but whole milk will be creamiest)
1-2 spoonfuls of agave nectar
Palm full of raisins
Dash a cinnamon (optional)

Heat milk on medium high heat to a boil. Watch carefully as to not over boil.
Add the rice, agave nectar, and raisins, cinnamon stir.
Lower heat to a low simmer. At this point it’s a stirring and waiting game.
Let simmer for 30-45 minutes depending on how fast your rice is absorbing the milk. The longer it simmers the more creamy and soft the consistency. I let mine go about 45 minutes. Make sure to stir every 5-10 minutes. It’s done once all the milk is absorbed.
Serve warm or cool.
Yummy! Baby likey!




Did you try this recipe? What do you think? I wanna hear 🙂

Mum n Bub